Identity Crisis-You and American Idol Contestants

Every week more than 30,000,000 watch American Idol and call or text in their votes. I don’t know how many people actually watch, but I’m one who watches every year and has never even considered picking up the phone and voting, so I would say there’s probably 10 times or 100 times more people watching than voting.

But the bigger message and what I want to focus on today is the message about being clear and focused. What, you’ve heard me talk about this before?

Ok, it’s not just me that sees this as a major stumbling block to success. The Idol judges are telling the contestants the same thing, week after week. They just use different words.

But the message is the same whether I’m delivering it to you or the judges are saying it to the contestants. So take look and see if you, or someone you should forward this article to, show up in any of these scenarios.

1. Sometimes it’s a matter of a talented singer who hasn’t realized inside themselves how talented they are and it’s sad to see their lack of clarity send them home when they had so much unrealized potential. Everyone of the judges see it, they try to tell them, but eventually the viewers side with the contestant and agree they really aren’t good enough and another passion goes unfulfilled as the signer is sent packing.

2. Other times it’s a case of trying to show that they have diverse talents. This loss of focus on who he/she really is leaves the judges saying it’s the wrong type of song because the singer fits so much better in a different genre-but they can’t decide, can’t focus, and want to play all over the musical landscape. So their talent gets lost in the shuffle along with their clarity and focus of who she/he really is.

3. Or a contestant who stated out as a powerhouse turns into a karaoke performer because of being so concerned with being part of the herd and moving along safely that she/he doesn’t take a chance. They play it safe and stop being the stand out they really deep down know they are. Maybe he/she even forgets how powerful they really are if they play it safe long enough.

Listening to 4 different judges (or mentors) each giving you contradicting opinions on where they think you should focus your energy also leads to confusion and lack of clarity.

As you see evidenced on Idol every week, even 4 people in the same business sitting at the same table can’t come to a consensus on what the best course of action is for a contestant.

So the contestant has to have enough alignment within themselves (read clarity & focus) to be able to hear what fits for them and let the rest go.

Otherwise it leads to confusion and a talented piano player show up playing a guitar, confuses their fan base as to who he really is and goes home the next night. It could have just as easily been an early strong contender who has played it safe too long who left instead.

Where do you find yourself showing up in one or more of these scenarios?
And what are you going to do about it?

Until next week, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post on my blog.

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