You Can Create Your Own Products and Be the Guru

I was just reading Jerry’s comment on the “3 Ways to Position Yourself” post below and he commented on how he could relate to the story of the woman who came into my program thinking she had one passion and it turned out she had one that was much bigger and way more lucrative and also my ability to “see” what she couldn’t. You can read the rest of his comment with that post, but he ended by asking what services offer to, in his words, “help me identify and implement action that can get me going in pursuit of a gratifying and fulfilling vocation.”

To answer Jerry’s question. A place to start on the low end would be getting my book on Amazon y clicking on the cover on this blog site. That’s not the fastest way to make things happen and if you’re the kind of person that does better when someone’s holding you accountable, which most people do, there are other options.

I do have different ways I work with people depending on how quickly you want to get things accomplished. I think the best way is always to show up at a location, spend a couple days together and just get it done. No more talking about it, just do it. I do that as a small group closed door intensive, but not on a regular schedule, and I don’t have another one planned. I also do a limited amount of private mentoring clients at $1500 a month with weekly sessions for a 3 month minimum.

One reason this is such a hot topic is that most of the gurus teaching product creation are really teaching packaging and marketing of a product-not creation, so if you don’t already have your topic and your content nailed down, what are you going to do with what you learn at one of those $5000 weekends?

I’m not going to name names, since a lot of these gurus are my friends, but I know many people who start at the part where you already have whatever it is you’re going to be selling all ready to go. Why? Because they don’t know how to teach you to find ‘your topic’, not just ‘a topic’. They don’t know how to draw real content out of you, out of your passion. In fact a lot of these guys, and I don’t hold this against them, because it’s not what they’re an expert at, but they tell you to create content by just interviewing a bunch of people!

That’s not your content! It doesn’t do anything to position you as an expert, and this whole Napoleon Hill was a reporter and made his fortune by interviewing other people is a cop out. You’ve got great content inside you, now you just need to get it out. And your content will be so much more powerful than simply interviewing other people. If you’re going to build a following, it’s because of who you are and what you have to teach, not because you know how to ask question on the phone. Anybody can do that.

The post Jerry commented on resonated with several people who emailed me and didn’t post a comment, and I answer those emails by asking them to post a comment so everyone can benefit from the answer to their questions because that’s the only way I can answer. There just isn’t enough time for me to answer everyone individually, sorry. I get plenty of comments like “It must be meant to be because you really spoke to me!!”, and one woman who said if I would organize a live event in the Bay area to teach everything I’ve been talking about, she would get at least 10 people there.

I love to teach and if I had time I would blog and answer your questions all day long, but I have other projects. I’m actually doing a small mentoring group at my home this weekend, the last event before I move to Maui the middle of the month. I may consider doing a live event over the summer if you’re really serious about taking action and not only discovering your passion, but also allowing me to help you consciously design your life blueprint so you can live the life of your dreams, because personally, I don’t see any reason to live any other way. And then together we’ll create what your product line will be and what your business is going to look like and I’ll teach you the sales and communication skills you need to make your business a success.

Well, that’s what I would teach if I was going to do this and I’m not kidding, this isn’t a marketing ploy, I really don’t know if I can fit it into my schedule before Women’s Business Empowerment Summit in August, given the fact that I’m just moving to Hawaii. If I do decide I can do it, is there anything else you’d want to learn or does what I’ve said about cover it?

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How do you juggle all the different projects in your life?

Things are very busy for me right now.  How about you?  Spring is a time for cleaning out the old and welcoming in the new.

In the next couple weeks I have a lot going on.  I’m doing an event at my home, 2 book signings, my birthday and moving to Maui.  Did I mention I have a lot of packing to do?

I’m turning 52 and every year I wonder if this will be the last year I’m happy about how old I am. I know a lot of women my age don’t like to broadcast their age, but I look at each year as gained wisdom and a rite of passage so I like to announce it.

I feel great, I’m happy with the way I look, the way my life is unfolding and I’m excited to see what the next year will bring.  Speaking of looks, this may sound really strange, but ever since I made the decision to move to Maui, I swear lines on my face are going away.  Could it be stress relief?

I’ll let you know the locations of book signings next week so you can come and see me if you’re in AZ.

I’m holding a small closed door intensive at my house teaching people turn their passion into cash by first discovering what that is, then consciously designing the blueprint for the life of their dreams and looking at how their business fits into that plan.

If you ever wondered how I do so many things at the same time with very little help, and keep my sanity, come and join us.  I can fit a couple more people.  There’s no sales page for this because I decided to do it during a special bonus call for people who had ordered my Turning Passion Into Cash CD and I wanted it to be strictly on the basis of it resonating with you, not a sales pitch.

You can listen and then email if you’re interested:

The bonus of working one on one with me on your business for free when you register for “Women’s Business Empowerment Summit” ends Friday.

Click on the link in the side bar to register.

I know you’re thinking it’s only April and you have plenty of time, but pricing goes up and bonuses are eliminated, so grab your seat now-and your hotel room, before they’re sold out.