M Resort Las Vegas, Empowered Women’s Business Summit

Audrey Hagen, Adam Gilad, Lynn Pierce in M Resort's Wine Cellar
Audrey Hagen, Adam Gilad, Lynn Pierce in M Resort's Wine Cellar "The Hostile Grape"

A great time was had by all as my event coordinator, Audrey Hagen and I enjoyed a few glasses of wine with our friend Adam Gilad at the new M Resort’s wine cellar.  The M is the new in place to be in Las Vegas and it’s the home of this year’s newly renamed “Empowered Women’s Business Summit“, which for now can still be found at http://WomensBusinessEmpowermentSummit.com

Wasn’t it nice of Adam to coordinate his colors with us?  This was right before we went to the 944 Magazine party. I think Audrey took more pics of us down in the cellar, so I’ll see if I can get her to send them over.  Wait until you see this place!

I’ve have more details posted on the summit next week, but mark these dates on your calendar, July 31-August 2nd, and get ready to party like a rock star and take your business through the roof in ’09.

Island Prime in San Diego
Rex & Lynn at Island Prime in San Diego

Yesterday afternoon I drove down to San Diego to hang out with one of my favorite people Rex Wisehart at Island Prime Restaurant in San Diego. Rex missed out on a big snow storm yesterday at home in Colorado so he’s happy to be in San Diego.

Rex spent years as a top gun corporate turn around guy and now, besides being a business credit expert, he’s the money behind a lot of big people in my industry.  We met at Frank Kern’s Mass Control. Live events are how I’ve met most of my friends over the years. Attending events is always a great networking opportunity and the better the event, the better the networking.

If you would have attended http://WomensBusinessEmpowermentSummit.com last year you would have met Rex, he was one of our faculty members. If you run over to the site right now you can still download a great interview I did with him on how to get creidt for your business.

Create Your Life Blueprint

I just made this video on my beach walk today. This is my first one so I learned a couple lessons: hold the Flip lower (although I won’t remember how high I held it) and I probably need to wear my glasses so I won’t squint. Enjoy the video and join me on the call. If you came here through my email you’ve got the link to register.

Lunch at the beach with “Spunky Old Broad” Gayle Carson

Today I met my friend Gayle Carson, known as “The Spunky Old Broad” for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on the beach in Del Mar. Unfortunately it was really foggy, so you can’t see the beach that well. Gayle and I met at John Assaraf’s house  five years ago and have stayed in touch. In here 70’s Gayle has just finished a series of workout videos. She certainly inspires me with her spunk. Now Gayle and I are brainstorming some things we can do together.


What a difference a few months makes

Here are 2 photos, 1 taken on my drive from San Diego to Scottsdale before my Christmas trip to Maui through a blizzard and now 2 weeks ago with spring flowers lining the road most of the way! I make this trip almost every month since I always seem to be moving things back and forth. Not a good idea to take pictures while driving with your phone.

Snow road San Diego to Scottsdale Dec 08
Snow road San Diego to Scottsdale Dec 08
Flowers along road San Diego to Scottsdale March 09
Flowers along road San Diego to Scottsdale March 09

What’s New

Quote to Contemplate

“The life you are living is the reflection of the decisions you refuse to consciously make  “

Lynn Pierce

Have you created the life of your dreams or accepted a life by default?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ one of my outdoor office spaces in Scottsdale
What’s New
I’ve been in Scottsdale for the last week and today I’m going to Los Angeles and then I’m heading back to San Diego for a while. This photo is one of the patios I work on when I’m in Scottsdale.

In between business meetings I’ve had a chance to spend time with friends, do some wine tasting with my favorite event coordinator Audrey Hagen, and then attend one day of Infusion Soft’s user conference. Now I’m off to my friend and mentor Kevin Nations’ event in L.A.

I have now connected with all the women who responded to the 1st email about “Women, Wine, Wealth and Wisdom“. It generated quite a lot of interest and it’s taken longer than I expected interviewing potential members to select  the group of exciting fun loving women who will be joining me in this program.

If you replied and haven’t heard back from me, remember you had to go through the SpamArrest confirmation for your email to come through.

Life happens, be ready for it.

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

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