Why Can’t We Say What We Mean?

I am part of a project being done by Jed Reay along with a few other communication experts and I did a very interesting phone interview last week that I beleive you’ll get a lot of great content from.

This project Jed put together was so successful because of the diverse backgrounds of all involved.  Each person involved has something very, very special to share with the world and to help our readers/listeners/viewers to improve their situation and help them move their business and communication skills to a new level.

Here’s how Jed sees this:

You see, we are interactive beings by nature, but many of us have lost our true ability to use that gift.  There are far to many reasons for this loss, and that is not the point nor the nature of the 14 of us to focus on the negative, but to focus on what is and how we can improve upon this every day.

What also was found to be very interesting as the “commonalities” of all involved is everyone’s strong sense of faith, spiritual relations, strong work ethic and very strong sense of service, and last but not least a strong sense of SELF.  Together, those characteristics make up this successful completion of  “Why Cant’ We Say What We Mean?  Developing Meaningful Business Relationships Through Effective Communication”

Lynn Pierce
Lynn is known as the “Success Architect”  and is author of multiple books including: “Breakthrough To Success: 19 Keys to Mastering Every Area of Your Life” and #1 bestselling co-author of  “Wake-up… Live the Life You Love”.  Lynn is the founder of  Women’s Business Empowerment Summit.


1)    Making communication natural from a simple platform
2)    Visionary
3)    Sales Background
4)    Ability to connect at multiple levels
5)    Dedicated to service
6)    Personal and spiritual commitment
7)    Inwardly focused as well as outward vision

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Just to let you know, on a personal note, I’ve never publicly talked about several of the points Jed brought up. I’m going to listen to it myself because I felt an uplifting energy as the conversation went deeper into a more spiritually oriented conversation and we talked about communication with your true self and not just your communication to make money, although I give you plenty of tips on that too!

I’d love to hear your opinion, so take a listen.

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