Join John Gray, Marianne Williamson and Brendon Burchard in Long Beach

I have to tell you about an event EVERYONE is talking about. When he first told me what he planned to do I really couldn’t believe it and at the same time I knew it was the perfect thing….

My good friend Brendon Burchard is bringing 2,000 people together for a transformational personal growth training event along with his friends Dr. John Gray (Men Are From Mars) and Marianne Williamson (Oprah radio host and author of The Age of Miracles).

He’s holding the entire event in a gorgeous circus tent! Seriously, under a BIG TOP in Long Beach, California!

It’s called the Life’s Golden Ticket Super Seminar and it’s the first event I’ve ever heard of to combine transformational teaching with theater. It’s really going to be spectacular – a legendary event.

In 3 magic days you’ll learn to:

— Gain greater life clarity
— Learn to let go and live “passionately present”
— Rediscover your strengths and purpose
— Build dramatic wealth and abundance (fast)
— Rewrite your destiny by discovering life’s golden ticket

The best part is the event is in a magical space and Brendon is a truly inspirational trainer. Brendon just told me this is “like a success seminar meets Cirque du Soleil.” Wow.

I’m sure you’re like many people trying to find meaning and inspiration in these difficult times. I believe this event is your ticket to that — to finding something magical within yourself.

I hope you check it out. And I hope you take the opportunity to learn from Brendon, John, and Marianne in this unique and inspirational setting. I know I’ll be there.

If it’s ever been time to claim your golden ticket to a life of infinite possibilities, profit and purpose, here’s your chance.

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