What a difference a few months makes

Here are 2 photos, 1 taken on my drive from San Diego to Scottsdale before my Christmas trip to Maui through a blizzard and now 2 weeks ago with spring flowers lining the road most of the way! I make this trip almost every month since I always seem to be moving things back and forth. Not a good idea to take pictures while driving with your phone.

Snow road San Diego to Scottsdale Dec 08
Snow road San Diego to Scottsdale Dec 08
Flowers along road San Diego to Scottsdale March 09
Flowers along road San Diego to Scottsdale March 09

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Quote to Contemplate

“You may think you don’t know what’s most important in your life but you do. It’s what you choose to spend your time on every day.  ”

Lynn Pierce

Is what you time doing different than what you thought was important to you?

What’s New
There’s been a lot of travel in my life this year. Since I came home from Maui on January 7th, I’ve been back to Maui for another week in February, made 2 more trips to Scottsdale, Laguna Beach, almost a week in hotels in San Diego and now I’m back in Scottsdale before going to Los Angeles.

I didn’t realize exactly how few days I’d been home this year, less than 10, until I sat down and looked for a task on my calendar. My whole life is on my calendar and I use it as a tool for many things. So this week’s article is about how to learn how to end over-commitment now.

If you missed the email that went out last Wednesday about “Women, Wine, Wealth and Wisdom” it generated a lot of interest and I’ve been interviewing potential members to select the group of exciting fun loving women who will be joining me in this program.

I’m almost through all of last week’s applicants so look for another email today or tomorrow if you’d like a shot at being part of this group. Registrations will be closing shortly.

Life happens, be ready for it.

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

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Don’t Let the Cost of Airfare Stop You from Succeeding

It’s Memorial Day in the U.S. and everywhere I turn, all I see is the high price of gas and how it’s affecting airfares. I’ve even had a few emails today complaining about airfare prices.

I sent this to my training call list of 841, giving them first shot and now I’m opening it up to my loyal blog readers before I release it to my entire list of almost 14,000 people tomorrow.

So, I’m slashing the registration for Women’s Business Empowerment Summit until Thursday at 5:00PM pacific at the latest. This offer could be pulled at any time before that because this is really ridiculously cheap.

I’m effectively giving you back the cost of a normal cross country airfare of $500 as a discount off the already low early bird discount. That means that for a short time, you can grab your seat for Women’s Business Empowerment Summit in Scottsdale August 1-3rd for only $497!

There haven’t been seats priced that low since 1994!!!

No more excuses, seats are now so cheap your friends don’t have any excuse for not joining you.

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Grab your seat, email your friends to grab theirs, and all of you book your $99 hotel rooms before the whole place is sold out.

Step-by-Step Secrets for Women to Succeed In Any Business

If you ever wanted to know what the “gurus” are NOT sharing with you about how they achieve their wealth, then…
“As a Woman in Business, In Just 3 Days You’ll Discover The Multi-Million Dollar Step-By-Step Secrets You Can Use To Succeed In Any Business”

You’ll learn a system, a step-by-step process of what’s necessary to become wealthy and successful from the top women (and a few good men) in each area of expertise to be your instructors.  Every single expert has agreed to take you behind the scenes, teach you their secrets and show you exactly how you can follow in their footsteps.

This is no get rich quick scheme. This is the real path to wealth multi-millionaires have kept secret for years.

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