Island Prime in San Diego
Rex & Lynn at Island Prime in San Diego

Yesterday afternoon I drove down to San Diego to hang out with one of my favorite people Rex Wisehart at Island Prime Restaurant in San Diego. Rex missed out on a big snow storm yesterday at home in Colorado so he’s happy to be in San Diego.

Rex spent years as a top gun corporate turn around guy and now, besides being a business credit expert, he’s the money behind a lot of big people in my industry.  We met at Frank Kern’s Mass Control. Live events are how I’ve met most of my friends over the years. Attending events is always a great networking opportunity and the better the event, the better the networking.

If you would have attended last year you would have met Rex, he was one of our faculty members. If you run over to the site right now you can still download a great interview I did with him on how to get creidt for your business.