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You can look at your circumstances and see what is lacking or you can look through your circumstances to the possibilitiy of something richer in your life.

~ Lynn Pierce

What do you choose to see?

What’s New
I’m so excited about the number of you that have registered for the training series of calls for Women’s Business empowerment Summit.  With the first 3 calls done and many more to come before the August 1-3rd summit, we have almost 1000 of you registered for the series, so if you are listening, register now. You’ll get the links to all the replays in your welcome email.


I also want to let you know that the Memorial Day special discount on WBES expires at 5:00PM pacific time today. So go the the site above and grab your seat at the lowest price since 2004!

This week’s featured article comes from my observations of too many people looking for excuses for their lack of success.  Enough said.  Feel free to send it to the whiners and complainers in your life. Unfortunately it takes a lot for those
people to see themselves in anything, so you might use this to give them a nudge.

I know personally, I’m implementing a zero tolerance policy in my life and also my busienss.  Our time is too valuable and better spent than responding to those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves.

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