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“A mind stretched beyond its original form can never return to that form.”

Albert Einstein

Are you stretching?

What’s New
I’m still in Scottsdale and it looks like I may be here until after Women’s Business Empowerment Summit and it’s starting to get hot! At least we’re not having some of the awful weather other parts of the country are.

I’m always interested in weather because having lived in resort areas all over the U.S. and Mexico, and with the amount of travel I do, I’m usually personally familiar with the areas I see talked about on the news.

It’s just human nature that we’re more interested in things we feel connected to. I want you to feel like you know each and every one of our faculty members for WBES and that’s why we do the teleseminar series where you get to meet each one and get tips and techniques you can use in your business and your life before you even get to the live event.

Don’t miss our WBES training call tonight with Kevin Nations.
You’ll learn:

How you can double or even triple the prices of your professional services and then to have your clients thank you for it

How to get maximum value and a waiting list of clients for your professional services

And so much more…

Kevin is the Ultimate Profit Mentor who likes to have fun and make a ton of money in the process. His strategies are designed to create the leverage and the focus to take his clients through the six figure monthly income barrier.

I’m very excited to let you know that the Women’s Business Empowerment Summit is quickly filling up. With the first 5 preview training calls done and many more to come before the August 1-3rd summit, we have over 1100 of you registered for the series, so if you aren’t listening, register now. You’ll get the links to all the replays in your welcome email.


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