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Quote to Contemplate
“You must invest in yourself before anyone else will invest in you.”
Lynn Pierce

What kind of investment are you making in yourself?

What’s New

This week’s article is the fifth in a series of 5 articles on the “4 Core Blueprints to Reclaim your Life, Awaken Your Soul and Your Business“. If you missed the first two, click on the link to my blog at the bottom of this email in “Quick Links” to read them there.

I hope you’re having great fall weather because it certainly is above average here in San Diego, expecting 80 at the beach and it’s almost the end of September. It should be a beautiful weekend for Brendon Burchard’s tent event with John Gray & Marianne Williamson.

For once I’m driving somewhere instead of flying! I’m driving up to Long Beach as you read this. Given my schedule it seems that every week while you’re reading this ezine I’m on a plane. Next week I’ll be flying back from Atlanta to San Diego. I’ve been home for a day here and there and while trying to get at least some work done, I’d say I’m 75% unpacked. I won’t be home for more than 1 day until October 6th and then I have a guest for a few days.

My New York trip ended with a fabulous at an outdoor bistro on the Upper West Side with my friend Dr. Fern Kazlow followed by a side trip on the way back to the car for some cheesecake. It didn’t matter that I had just eaten enough gnocchi for 3 people, I wasn’t leaving NYC without having cheesecake.

I’ll tell you more later about the exciting new programs Dr. K. and I are working on.

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