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“It is by attempting to reach the top in a single
leap that so much misery is produced in the world.”

William Cobbett
1762-1835, Journalist and Reformer

What are you trying to leap over?

What’s NewOne Important Note: My email was down while I was away-from last Wednesday night until yesterday and those emails are gone. So if you sent me an email in the last week know that I did not receive it.

I know you’ve received a lot of emails from me in the last couple months announcing all the complimentary training calls we did with our faculty members and I got a tremendous number of thank you’s for all the great content from
those of you who attended the live event.

This past weekend was the 5th annual Women’s Business Empowerment Summit.

It was absolutely fabulous and a totally uplifting exciting weekend and I guarantee you that everyone I had a chance to speak to personally had a blast. Then the photos and video testimonials are posted I’ll let you see what people
had to say.

I got home about 3:00 on Monday afternoon and took a nap I didn’t wake up from until 10 the next morning! I was completely exhausted from 4 months of preparing for the event and additional stress of something personal that had happened in my life about 2 months ago. Interestingly that situation resolved itself Tuesday and lifted a huge weight for me. The thing is that life goes on and so does your business no matter what level of personal crisis you are dealing with privately.

I’m taking this week off and relaxing. I went back to the spa at the FireSky Resort & Spa yesterday for a wonderful facial. That was exactly what I needed, being pampered and then coming back home for another nap.

Putting on a big multi-speaker event is a completely different business model than doing my own boot camps and 10 times the work, but I love doing it because of the benefits the women who attend tell me they receive each year.

That’s my passion expressing itself through the service I provide in education and support to women entrepreneurs.

Beyond the partying and networking, I know of at least one new business that was created on the spot between 3 women who had never met before and it sounds like it will be a big hit. I’m getting thank you notes for highly recommending, maybe pushing, the VIP lunches because they have definitely paid off already for the women who attended.

I also did a 30 minute live TV show style interview at the end of the day on Saturday that everyone got to watch to see how easy it is to do your own show, or have your own infomercial created. It’s one of the services I provide to my clients and my guest for this taping was Vivian Glyck, founder of http://JustLikeMyChild.org

The audios of the event are already finished and I’m picking them up later this morning, so if you’d like your own copy before anything is even posted on the website you can use this order link to get the same pre-publication discount as was offered this weekend. $197 for all 20 sessions!


For the best discount, pre-order the complete event on DVD for only $347 and I’ll give you all the mp3’s as my gift to you!


All the faculty members really stepped up and gave us the inside scoop on how they do what they do and how you can use their techniques and strategies to grow your business. The true test is when you see other faculty members sitting in the audience taking notes and then buying the other faculty members programs and there was plenty of that going on.

The training calls that led up to the summit are all on replay so it’s not too late to take a listen. You’ll get the entire list by email when you register.


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