3 Ways to Position Yourself When There’s Already a Big Guru In Your Topic

I agreed with the comment posted on my last post by Steve Pohlit so I thought I’d hop over to his blog and comment.

Once I was there I decided I had more to say on this and wanted to share it with you.
My post on Steve’s blog:

You commented, “I know I have side stepped topics in the past because of ‘this has already been addressed’ only to see someone else recycle the topic in a new package.”

I wanted to share with you that this is incredibly common. So many times a person feels that there is already a guru at the top of that topic and they are not at that person’s level. And what happens is they abandon that topic altogether, when there are several ways to position yourself as an expert in that situation.

In fact, you’ve just inspired me to write a blog post about that right now so I can tell my readers as well how to do that.

Thanks Steve!

Ok, so there are 3 ways you can enter a market that in your mind already has a huge guru that you don’t want to compete with or don’t believe you can-see, there are those beliefs again.

1. What does this guru say that you disagree with?

2. Where is there a gap in this guru’s system or where do you see a step missing?

3. What new information do you have to add to this topic that would make a difference to your audience?

Let me give you an example. I had a client who came to into my process thinking that her topic was gardening. In her mind she had a passion for it and thought she could write an ebook. That in itself is a small, very easily attainable goal.

But once we started going through the process, what showed up was that she was extremely passionate about helping blue collar people, like herself, build huge financial reserves and move toward financial independence on a very low salary. She had a gift she didn’t recognize.

Why? Because to her it was just something she did! She’d not only done this for herself, she’d done it for relatives, co-workers and countless people at church and never thought it was anything to get paid for or a possible business.

It’s the same story over and over with so many clients. It takes a mentor who knows the right questions to ask to pull out what’s already inside you and show you the magnificence of the knowledge and talent that you’ve either ignored or discounted. The world needs what you have to share, they’re waiting for you. And yes, I’m talking to YOU!

That big guru isn’t the be all and end all for every person. You have your own perspective on the topic that will draw a different segment of the market to you. You may have a style of speaking or a simplicity to the way you present the material that makes you you more understandable than any other guru who’s ever taught on this topic.

My client said, “You mean everybody doesn’t know this?”, as she glanced around the table at the other mentees with their mouths hanging open. She couldn’t believe this was something she could get paid for and the rest of the table couldn’t understand how she didn’t know what a gift she had. And yet they were soon to discover, neither did they.

That’s what I do. I see these gifts in people. It’s very easy for me to have a conversation with you, have you do some exercises and I can see what’s inside of you that you can’t access by yourself. I also can see the whole product line unfolding in my head as we talk. I don’t question it, I just pay attention and tell you what I see and then help you create it. And yes there was a time that I just did it for free-I did a lot of this for free…because I didn’t think it was any big deal, it came so easily to me.

I have never found anyone that didn’t have a topic they were passionate about that was also profitable that could be turned into product.

So don’t discount yourself because you’re not the big cheese. When the gurus started out neither were they. And yet they believed in themselves enough to take a chance, take a stand, step into their power and go for it.

Look at what’s holding you back from throwing your hat in the ring. It’s not because someone bigger is already there. That’s an excuse.

If you need help, I’m here.

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways to Position Yourself When There’s Already a Big Guru In Your Topic”

  1. Hi Lynn,

    Great thought provoking blog post. Of course, I was able to apply it to my own situation regarding being an ‘expert’ in life purpose, if indeed anyone can truly be an expert on such an expansive subject.

    Still, I’ve devoted over 12 years of my life as the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Life On Purpose Institute, and so it was with great interest that I’ve been observing the online classes that Oprah and Tolle have been facilitating the past several weeks.

    That is after getting over the thought that Oprah picked the wrong author and book on life purpose. (My book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life was published by Elite Books in 2007. And yes, my publicist did send a copy to Oprah).

    Anyway, it didn’t take me long to get over that silly thought and to move on to distinguish some of the ways the Life On Purpose Process is distinct and unique from Tolle’s approach. I even did my own videocast of it — my first ever and posted it to my blog at http://www.lifeonpurpose.com/oprah.

    My point wasn’t out to in any way belittle the great work that Oprah and Tolle are doing. After all, the more people engaged in creating a world on purpose the better. And as you pointed out, I have my own approach that has contributed in its own way to thousands of people’s lives over the past 12 years, so why not share it with other and help them to see that there’s more than one way to slice the orange, so to speak.

    Thanks for continuing to evoke new ways of thinking in the world.
    Life On Purpose Institute

  2. Good points to consider.

    There is no reason to back off the idea to become the recognized expert in your field just because there is one “guru” there now.

    You are unique. So you will be different.

    More important. I can’t imagine a niche where there is so much over saturation that no more help is needed.

    There are billions of people in the world who have never heard of “the guru” or his stuff. I’ve seen it happen over and over.

    There are even a few people who have not yet heard of Lynn Pierce (I know I was shocked too)

  3. Brad makes a good point. If I had sent Oprah my book and then saw what she was doing with another author on my topic, I might have a little twinge of envy-OK a huge one.

    But instead of crying in his cereal Brad capitalized on it and used it as a hook to bring people back to what he was teaching.

    I often use the example that if I had a room full of massage therapists who all wanted to create a home study program, not one of them would create the same thing as another one.

    You have your own reasons for getting in the business you’re in and so does everyone else, it’s a big part of the uniqueness you bring to the table. You also have different aspects of the business that excite you.

    Put that all together with the unique lens your life experience provides and you have a totally different product than the guy next door.

  4. Hi Lynn,

    I have been following you for about a year now, but never thought of “the Blog”.

    Now, you are talking directly to me about the “expert” that discourages you from getting out there with your message.

    In the world of the corporate glass ceiling, I was told it no longer existed and my book ” A Woman’s Ladder To Success” was past its time. Then I found Conde Naste Portfolio magazine writing, right now, about how women are losing ground financially, on corporate boards and CEO positions in 2007 and 2008. WOW, was I suprised and vindicated!

    So I am back out there, revising my title to “Beyond the Glass Ceiling” and, with renewed energy talking to women in corporate positions from Wall Street to Main Street, every day.

    Thanks for supporting us with such enlightening posts and topics in your newsletter every month!

  5. Good for you Diane! It’s good to listen to mentors but don’t assume they know everything. In the end a lot of what mentors say is their well-informed opinion, not gospel.

    I made some big mistakes and lost a lot of time and money by listening to a mentor telling me to do something that was not my passion and my heart was never in it, so I didn’t really even try to make money at it, even though it was something I had expertise in.

    I also was told by Robert Allen, who was an extremely important and valuable mentor to me in my first year trying to figure out this business, that “empowerment” was an old word that was over and done and had no power anymore-that was in 2001.

    I had said on a call that I wanted to empower women. I was dejected by his comment, took it as gospel-until I heard it used by Oprah a couple months later. Then I thought, she’s a woman and she’s on TV and Bob is a man, so maybe he’s not correct in this particular assumption.

    So I trusted my gut and used the word anyway. Now it’s everywhere.

    Diane, I hope there is a day when there is no glass ceiling, but I don’t think it’s going away any time soon if you look at the statistics of pay inequity and promotions and other things in and out of the corporate world, so I’d say go for it!

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Prior to going public with my first book I didn’t have any feelings either way about the other “gurus”. But once the book began selling and others started to take notice that is when I started to measure myself with those other “gurus”. It took me several months to get over it and move on.

    As far as “empowerment” I Love that word because that is what we do, we are a conduit or an instrument of empowerment for the best and highest good of all…

    Ilumine Ao,
    Al Diaz

  7. Lynn,

    I was intrigued by the story of the lady that wanted to do an ebook about gardening and you discovered that she had a real passion and gift in the financial area that she never appreciated or recognized. I can very much relate to this story and also your ability to “see” what she couldn’t. I have spent the better part of 24 years in the medical sales profession until I sold my company two years ago, and I have been searching for ways to take both my passion and experience into a new business endeavor.

    I have always been known as an “ideas” guy, but I am miserable at putting things into action. If you are familiar with Barbara Sher’s work, in particular Refuse to Choose, I am a classic scanner who has multiple interest, but when it comes to narrowing choices down and implementation, I fail miserably. I have worked with a Life Coach before and have taken all the career choice test, i.e. Myers-Briggs, Johnson O’Connor Foundation and aptitude testing through the Rockport Institute run by the author of The Pathfinder, Nicholas Lore.

    I was wondering what services you offer that might help me identify and implement action that can get me going in pursuit of a gratifying and fulfilling vocation. Please let me know your thoughts and what next steps I can take.


  8. Hi, Lynn,

    Thank you for the many, many ways that you share your knowledge and your wisdom. Thank you, too for giving us the opportunity to learn from your mentors, friends, and colleagues.

    In the blog I just read about feeling hesitant when there’s already a guru in your area of interest, you ended it by saying, “If you need help, I’m here.” Thank you for saying that, making that incredible (and thoughtful) offer.

    Yes, I need help. I’m a funeral director/embalmer and I’m almost finished writing a book about my profession. I think people need to know about all the choices, and options that are available to them when someone they love dies, or even if they are planning ahead for their own services when they die.

    Now that my book is almost done, I’m not sure what it do with it.

    Also, within this profession, we do have our own gurus who may not support some of what I’m including in this book. I also have had the thought that there may be some bad feelings from people who read this book and realize that they could have done things differently when their loved one died but their funeral director didn’t tell them all their options.

    Any help you can give me will be gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated.

  9. Hi Susan,
    I just wrote a new post to answer this point.
    Thanks for asking these questions. I think they will benefit a lot of readers who have the same concerns.

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