I’m answering your 2 biggest questions

In a January 12 blog post I asked you this question:

What could you be creating in your life if your mind wasn’t occupied with trying to answer the same two questions over and over?

What are the two questions?
1. Who am I?
2. What is my life purpose?

If you knew the answers to those questions what would you turn your creative attention to? And how would your life flow easier and more joyfully?

Well, you have submitted some great questions in our Blueprints for Life survey, so I’m doing a call Thursday where I’ll be talking more about these two questions and answering more of your questions.

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I hope while you were watching the Barack Obama being sworn in yesterday and listening to his speech you were asking yourself these important questions.

Because until you know these answers you will not be fully participating in creating your own life or fulfilling your purpose on the planet.

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Talk to you tomorrow night.

To your success,
Lynn Pierce

P.S. The 2 payment option for the live Blueprints for Life Feb. 20-22nd ends Saturday.

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