The Day My Life Changed

I don’t quite know where to begin this one, especially to keep it
short enough that you’ll read it. And I think this is important to read.

So here we go:

It was a day much like today, warm and sunny.  Just another
beautiful day like all the others in Cabo San Lucas. I’d been
living there for almost 6 years and today I was going for my
first mammogram.

Because I thought it would be no big deal, hey I was only 43,
I decided to go to a local doctor rather than my regular one
two and a half hours away.

Well, it did turn out to be a big deal as I was diagnosed with
breast cancer.  But as I quickly realized I didn’t react in the
way that the majority of women I’ve known in the same situation

I didn’t cry, I panicked just a little bit, mostly about how I was going
to break the news to my husband.

But for me, the moment that’s burned into my mind isn’t the one
where they said those dreaded words, it’s the one where I came
out into the light of day into a completely different world than I
had left a little over an hour before.

It was surreal to say the least, but the most important point that
I wanted to clearly get across to my husband was that I was pretty
sure this was an awakening, not a death sentence.  There was
something big that had been building inside me for quite a while.

I knew there was a shift coming.  A spiritual friend of mine told me
months before that she saw a big test coming for me.  I figured this
must be it and I was going to do whatever I needed to do to get the
message I was being sent and do what I was to do as quickly as

How I become cancer free in a short period of time without surgery
is a whole other story. But what made me think of this experience on
this particular morning was that I have that feeling again.

I have that feeling of being on the brink of a major shift in my life.
For some people who don’t embrace change, it’s terrifying.  For me
it’s electrifying.

When this happened 9 years ago it meant ending a 25 year career,
leaving the place I thought I was going to stay forever and moving to
a city in the desert when I’m an ocean resort person.

But I went on faith where I felt directed to go.  And this life that I
have now being able to communicate like this with you and helping
thousands of others to change their lives came out of that moment
when I walked out of the doctors office and chose a different path.

It makes me want to cry just thinking of the magnificence of how life
unfolds in ways that are wonderful and yet unpredictable.

That shifted every part of my life.  And it was all good.  No I didn’t have
a clue what I was going to be doing for a living.  I didn’t have any idea
what any part of my life was going to look like, and thank God I had a
husband at the time that trusted my intuition and didn’t fight me on this
ambiguous picture.

And now it’s happening again. Not the cancer, the feeling.  So watch
over the next few weeks, because I’m sure I’ll be sharing things with
you as they show up. I’m excited to see where my life will go.

But today, I really want you to look at your life and ask yourself if there’s
something that could shift for you that potentially could make a huge
positive difference, but you’re too afraid to take the chance.  And why?

You have to take the leap of faith because if you wait to see for sure,
most likely the opportunity will have already gone to someone who
wasn’t afraid to act.