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As both a Personal and Business Coach of many years, I fully believe in and use the tenets Lynn shares with us in Breakthrough to Success.

Just like Covey before her, Lynn has eloquently and succinctly taken these various foundations for growth and achievement and put them together to create one solid, easily referenced work from which professional and layperson alike can gain both clarity and substantial reward.

Terri Benincasa, Ed.M.

To become highly successful in business you must have confidence in your abilities and the passion it exceed your goals. As a successful entrepreneur since the age of 19, I wholeheartedly support the success principles outlined in this dynamic book, Breakthrough to Success. 
Debbie Allen, 
Author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters & Skyrocketing Sales -

My motto has always been "To be a leader you must be a reader!" To enjoy life mastery with increased happiness, a must-read is Lynn Pierce's book, "Breakthrough to Success". Find out how to manifest your dreams, celebrate now, and be the star you already are.
Cynthia Brian, 
NY Times best selling author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul, Be the Star You Are! and The Business of Show Business

Lynn has bundled the keys to achieving business success while you live a life you love! Her secrets should be applied by every women in business. Experts, successful women in business and mentors like Lynn, are what makes a virtual community for women in business successful! Thank you, Lynn, for your great contribution to women and the world. 
Denise Trifiletti, Founder, 

As a marketing consultant and success coach I can tell you that Lynn hit it right on the money with these 19 keys. Read this book, study it and prepare yourself for a great leap in your performance.
Al Bravo 
Marketing Consultant 


Lynn Pierce certainly show others how to be a success! The Breakthrough to Success is an amazing, easy-to-read, Bible for people who want to succeed in their lives. I've quoted from it to friends many times over! This book is a shining light to every one of us who want to make our life, our business and our relationships succeed!!

Carole Cross - Success Coach

In Breakthrough to Success, Lynn Pierce delivers valuable, practical information on what it takes for you to be successful. Then she goes one step further and gives you the action steps to make sure you have a step-by-step plan to become super successful. It's like, "You tell me what success is to you and I'll draw the plans to
build the life of your dreams." 
Raleigh Pinskey, 
author of 101 Ways to Promote Yourself

When you have the Breakthrough to Success, you can have it all. Don't wait for anyone else to make it happen. With these secrets you've got the tools to do it yourself and do it now!
Robert Butwin
Author Street Smart Networking

As an educator I appreciate Lynn Pierce's technique and have used her methods extensively. Breakthrough to Success is highly recommended for personal power and performance. It will be part of your library and given away often to those you truly care about.
Meri Anne Beck-Woods
Chairman & Chief Financial Officer
Odyssey Advisors LLC

Before I received Breakthrough to Success in my hand I was
overwhelmed by information overflow. Now that I have had the
opportunity to read Breakthrough to Success I feel that I can focus in quite a different way. I have also learned to choose which information is important and which is not. I feel my inner strength thanks to you, Lynn. 
Just Look For Us
Johan G Tengstrom
Lynn Pierce's new work, Breakthrough to Success, is a welcome addition to the body of knowledge that concerns high performing, highly satisfying lives. It's about leaving negativity behind, fully embracing success, and enjoying it. Most of us "get" some of it--Lynn shows us how to cultivate the habits that make our lives mega-successful.
Suzy Casey, MBA, Ed. D., 
Principal, Southern California Advancement---and race pilot.

This new twist on universal truths and the steps to success is FUNominal! Lynn not only shares the success secret WHATS, she shares the HOWS to implement them in her easy-to-read action steps. Kudos for creating a simplified pathway to peak performance with Breakthrough to Success.
Gail Hahn, MA, CSP, CLL
CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) Fun*cilitators

What really impressed me about Breakthrough to Success is the way you kept giving us good ideas throughout with no unnecessary pressure. You never belabored anything - just told it in ways that were totally believable and made me want to try your methods.
Too wordy has never appealed to me nor impressed me. Your book did the opposite. It is clear and concise and made me impatient to get to the next chapter.
Patricia Andrews, Ph.D.
The Smiling EX-FMS Lady!

I'm an educator/entrepreneur, so I value intelligence in a product. Lynn Pierce's Breakthrough to Success is smart stuff -- intelligent content and street smart. Lynn knows the secrets of super success, because she's lived them. 
One tip alone made me her fan. Lynn talks about the importance of telling your personal story. Credibility is about more than credentials. With that one insight, I've transformed my sales letters, my marketing approach, and my website. My business is now that much smarter. 
Dick Methia
Author & Test Expert

Lynn's down to earth and positive approach in Breakthrough to Success is truly amazing. I've gotten ideas that are so common sense, that it is truly mind blowing that no one has thought of them before. But that's Lynn, she teaches common sense ideas that anyone can take and make significant changes in their lives and you only have to put in use some of the ideas she presents to succeed.
Betty Kimble-Banks, RN
Everyone wants to become more successful, but reading Breakthrough to Success will greatly accelerate the process, showing you all the keys to zoom into the ranks of life's winners. Applying these 19 keys will
change your life forever.
Joe Farcht, President 
Leadership Advantage, Inc.,


I've applied several of your wise recommendations in Breakthrough to Success while starting my new business. Just one question helped kick off my "legacy project." I've now developed a series of information products and my client-based services also have blossomed as a result, more than doubling my prospects from last year.

Adele Sommers, Ph.D. President, Business Performance Inc. 
Lynn takes a very complicated subject and makes it simple with easy to follow action steps and realistic advice. If you follow her plan in Breakthrough to Success, there will be no stopping you.

Dr. Gayle Carson CSP CMC, Author of Winning Ways

Carson Research Center


If you want power and velocity follow Lynn Pierce's Breakthrough to Success. Lynn has a way of knowing exactly what we need to achieve our dreams. Her secrets get you on target and keep you there. The keys to mastering your life are simple and dynamic and you can expect amazing results. I've followed her expert advise and I am smiling all the way to the bank. 
Ardice Farrow, 
Flip The Switch


Before reading Breakthrough to Success, I was drifting along, forever hoping that one day things would happen. After reading the 19 keys, I found that I was inspired, motivated and back on the right track - the track to success. The best part though, is that if I ever find myself falling back into my old ways, the Breakthrough to Success are always there to bring me back, get me re-focused and re-motivated and heading along the path that will ultimately lead me to my dreams and the future I desire.

Andrew Grainger

The Grainger Group International

South Australia

Lynn Pierce's Breakthrough to Success gave me the motivation to pursue my passions and eliminate my fears and other obstacles in my life. After experiencing no personal growth in the last few years, I've suddenly started taking steps toward a new and improved 'me'! Therefore, I highly encourage everyone to pick up and read her book cover to cover.
Yuko J. Nakanishi, Ph.D., MBA

The wealth in Lynn Pierce's approach is her practical ability to teach you how to understand your clients and reach their needs. Her strength is to teach a new approach- setting aside the old methods. 
Lynn is able to connect people with perfect opportunities. But, then again, that's exactly what her approach is all about- connecting her clients with the perfect knowledge, opportunity, and motivation to move forward. 
Leah R. Jackman-Wheitner, Ph.D.
Business and Career Consultant, Life Design Concepts 

In full confidence I can say that the knowledge of the 19 keys to mastering every area of your life is the creator of the ultimate success for any reader either expert or novice. I recommend it to anyone who is serious and looking to be successful in Internet marketing or any other business. 
Fahim Hakim
Internet Marketer