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Quote to Contemplate

“You become what you think about all day long.”

Earl Nightingale

What are your thoughts focused on and how is that working for you?

What’s New

I have to say that being home for the last week has been a true pleasure.  I’ve been taking hour long walks on the beach every afternoon, I’m almost unpacked and now I’m off to have lunch with a friend.  It’s been great to start re-connecting with all my friends who live in the San Diego area and more are calling & emailing telling me they are here all the time.  That’s what happens when you work virtually, I don’t keep track of where people actually live!

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m re-running this article that originally appeared in eraly April. I’ve been doing a lot of introspection the last few weeks, since leaving my house in Scottsdale where I had spent the last few years of my marraige and moving to the beach.

As part of that I had a conversation with a woman about breast cancer where I revealed things about my own cure that I’ve never talked about except to my closest friends. And then I said something that stopped her dead in her tracks.

She said, “You have to share this because my sister has been struggling with breast cancer for almost 3 years and she’s depressed and I don’t know what else I can do to help her…but you do.”

So I’m going to do 2 follow-up articles after this and I would suggest that you forward this ezine to anyone you know that has had breast cancer or knows someone who has and have them become a subscriber so they get the next 2 issues where I will reveal my personal journey to a cure that took place within 30 days of being diagnosed with no
recurrence in alomst 10 years. And then in the 3rd article in this series I’ll reveal the rest of the story, that was the most impactful part, that changed the coure of my life.

I have to tell you that even writing this here makes me a little anxious about doing these articles because it was so personal and not the general accepted course to follow.

NOTE: I do have to say that this is my personal expereince and I have no medical training and nothing I share with you should be taken as medical advise.  You should always consult your doctor.

On a lighter side, back to business. I think I’m going to leave this section exactly as it was last time this article ran because I still want you to listen to this call and tell me what you think. Because I’m not asking you to opt-in I have no way of knowing how many of you listen, but statistically, I know most of you haven’t. So do it now.

As you read in today’s article, there’s a big change coming in my life, so stay tuned. Even I don’t know what’s going to show up!

I have a gift for you. I did a training call Saturday morning for people who had ordered my “Turning Your Passion Into Cash” CD and the more I think about the information I shared on that call, I believe you’ll benefit from it, even without having the advantage first hearing the CD, so you can take a listen at:


I went over questions I had received from students and information I think will be helpful from what keeps showing up in strategy session I’m doing with new students. After you’d listen to it, I’d appreciate if you would email with your comments. I’m not asking you to sign-up or anything so the only way I’ll know you’ve listened is if I hear from you.

If you want to get the CD for just shipping & handling, go to: