John Assaraf has “The Answer”

I’ve know John Assaraf for several years, we’ve spoken on the same stage, he’s interviewed me for his One Coach program and I’ve been to his home, yes the one the talks about in “The Secret”.

John is the real deal and now with his partner in One Coach, he has released a new book I highly recommend you put on your summer reading list.

“The Answer” is the new book that does for business growth what “The Secret” does for personal growth.

Authors John Assaraf and Murray Smith have applied the simple principles they share in “The Answer” to build 17 successful businesses, some of them from zero to billions in sales and value. If you’ve been looking for “The Answer” to growing your business, achieving financial freedom and living an extraordinary life, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Go to

You can watch a clip of John & Murray on “The Big Idea”, download 2 chapters of the book, and see for yourself what “The Answer” is.

Also, this is a beautiful site they have put together. If you’re an information marketer you need to check it out from that aspect as well.