Great Sales and Communication Program on Sale

Boy was I surprised by the emails I came back to after the holiday weekend.

Looks like more than a few people were upset that I would run a sale that only lasted for a few days right before a holiday.  Really they were upset that it was over before they read their email. (a recap is below)

I have to admit I didn’t really think about how many people leave their email behind when traveling, but that’s the way it should be. Holidays are all about family, not work!

So I’m going to run the whole thing again until Friday, the 5th.

I’m grateful you’re one of my subscribers and I don’t want you to miss out.

Here’s the short version. Go to the site for more details:

I’m having a 50% off sale on Getting to Yes Without Selling with some incredible new bonus content I’m creating just for you!

It expires Friday, so if you haven’t gotten in on this yet, go take a look now.

The program sells everyday for $997.00…but you get the entire program for just $497!

Bottom line, for under $500 you get:

* a private 1/2 hour consultation with me to work on your business (I know it says first 50 on the website, but I want to work with everyone that signs up today)

* 3 completely new teleseminars jam packed with content just for you on conscious selling for enlightened entrepreneurs

* A complete sales and communication system that will help you to streamline your sales process and create more effective sales and marketing materials in a matter of a few hours.

Go beyond consultative selling and move into conscious sales.