What do Frank Kern & I Have In Common?

The subject line of Frank’s email to me was about him being on MTV Cribs. That was weird enough, and that’s not really what the video is about.

The “official” title is called “How To Get Rich” and when I first heard that, I was ready for some good old fashioned hype.

But what I got instead was funny and inspiring video that’s full of excellent content.

This is a great new video from Frank Kern:

Most interesting was that after the first few minutes touring Frank’s La Jolla crib, (I love his bed frame) he went into his 4 point plan for getting rich that is exactly aligned with what we’ll be talking about on our teleseminar Tuesday. His video is a perfect preview for our call!

Frank talks to you about implementing the core principles we’ll discuss in marketing and I’ll follow up with you on Tuesday by talking to you about the bigger picture of applying them to create your life.

So stop what you’re doing, indulge in the brief house tour and then get ready to take some notes on how to get rich. He’s telling you the straight truth of what it takes.

See Frank’s video here:

Then, if you haven’t registered for our call Tuesday, go directly to:

Seriously. If you want a dose of inspiration and common sense, this is for you:



Enjoy 🙂