Tim Russert, Tiger Woods and the Red Cross

Like I said last week, I’m still in Scottsdale and it’s way past hot! We’ve had a heat advisory for the last week, but that’s nothing compared to what some of you are dealing with in the middle of the country with all the flooding. My heart goes out to all of you dealing with that.

This is also a good time to remember that charitable organizations need your donations now. I heard that the Red Cross is taking loans out to be able to keep doing their work. That’s a real shame, because even though one segment of the population is cutting back because of the economy there are still more than enough people with money who can donate.

Last week I also mentioned how we are more interested in people when we feel a connection with them. Well, that was certainly borne out by 2 things this past week; the sad passing of Tim Russert and the drama at Torrey Pines created by Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate.

I wrote about Tiger in my book, “Breakthrough to Success” available on Amazon.com, but this is a whole new story on many levels that I’ll tell you about next week.

I decided to do this week’s article on Tim Russert and what we can learn from the way he lived his life and his passion.

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Debbie Bermont was absolutely fabulous Tuesday night and if you weren’t on the call live and didn’t do the bullseye exercise, make sure you listen to the replay and do it now.

I just got finished recording the interview with J.T. Foxx which was canceled due to technical difficulties of J.T. not being able to get on the line last week. We now have over 1250 people registered for these calls!

It was worth the weight and J.T. has a fresh and wonderful perspective on how to promote yourself to millions. He is a breath of fresh air when it comes to being open and honest about how to get to the top.

And if you have any fear of promoting your fabulous self or your business, you’ll learn how to overcome that tomorrow on our interview with Dr. Jim & Dr. Judith.

These calls are all building on each other and I would encourage you to take the time and go back and listen to every single one. There are nuggets of gold in all of them.

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