Before You’re Ready to Create Product You Have to Create You

Reply to Van’s comment on yesterday’s post:

It’s 7:00PM and I just finished a day of mentoring that I’m doing at my house this weekend. I know you want a worksheet, I’d want one too, but it’s not possible. I put 110% of my knowledge and my energy into delivering exactly what you need to get where you want to go. It’s not a cookie cutter process. Why? Because I’m working with real people and we go deep to clear the block that have prevented you from already being where you want to go.

Today we worked on exactly what you’re talking about Van, the internal blocks that prevent you from moving forward. It’s not anything that can be boiled down to a worksheet unfortunately. I appreciate the level of honesty and candor you were willing to show in your comment. That say a lot about your desire to have a shift in your life.

It’s a very individualized process. Everyone is willing to go there at a different rate of speed and to a different depth. It can be challenging and scary. Honestly, if it wasn’t scary for you on some level, you would have already done it. Especially since you’re already clear on what a couple of your blocks are, but really they’re just the symptom, not the cause.

And you’re not alone. We talked about those same issues today.

If you’re ready to get your life on track and build a business that will have a solid foundation, then the best way to do that is to take the weekend and get it done. I may possibly arrange to do something in the Bay area next month if I get feedback that enough people are ready to move forward.

If you’re not that serious or you’re in no hurry, buy my book and do all the exercises, which depending on how close you are, could make some instant shifts, but it will at least start a different internal and external conversation for you.

The book in itself can change the quality and focus of your life if you do all the exercises and take the action steps. It would be very powerful if you and your wife both did it. Then when you’re ready, take the weekend and come and get it done.

The reality is, very few people can do it on their own and they end up spending a lot more time and money trying to do it cheaper, but it doesn’t work and after a couple year’s they’re still in the same place wishing things were different or still looking for a magic bullet to instantly create a business.

The difficulty is not in creating the products. It’s in the discovery process that gets you to the point of creating the product and the foundation of removing the blocks and the introspection and personal development that gets you ready for the success you’ll achieve so you don’t get to a point and sabotage yourself and create one of those famous ‘made it, lost it and had to make it again’ stories.

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2 thoughts on “Before You’re Ready to Create Product You Have to Create You”

  1. Since your first comment Van I haven’t been able to get this whole topic out of my head-the logical progression of what it takes to become successful in business.

    The book is a great place to start and so is “Change One Thing, Change Your Life”. But it’s the rare person that can take what’s available inside a book and take it to a level that has a tremendous impact on their life.

    Most need more and that’s what I’ve been thinking about. I’ve been asking myself how can I put together all the different pieces I teach into a cohesive package that delivers exactly what you need.

    That will be the topic of my ezine article today and I’ll be posting it here as soon as I write it.

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