Are You Reaching All Your Personal Development and Professional Goals?

You have the opportunity in front of you right now to do great things. Set a plan and prioritize your day so you do what will get you where you want to go. Without a plan it’s too easy to be sidetracked by what other people think you should be doing, or by your own fears.

Distractions show up as anything from a friend calling to an emergency that seems to need your immediate attention. 99% of the time they are convenient disguises for your fears, giving you an acceptable excuse to put off working toward your goal.

An attitude of gratitude is easily maintained with a gratitude journal. It keeps you focused on reaffirming all the abundance that is currently showing up in your life. It creates a pattern in your brain that says, β€œOf course I’m abundant. Look at all this evidence!”

(This is a excerpt from “Change One Thing, Change Your Life” available at

2 thoughts on “Are You Reaching All Your Personal Development and Professional Goals?”

  1. Lynn:
    I completely agree with you on creating plans. I am so grateful, that they are not fixed in stone, but are a guideline to bring me on track from those unplanned distractions. Yes be grateful on what you can do and what you hope to do! It is always a balancing act between structure and managed disorder. Many of us need help from others to complete our tasks. Part of such planning is planning for others who do not plan! πŸ™‚

    All the best!

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