What You Think Is What You Get – For Now

Your life is all about you, nobody else. Don’t forget this…and no it’s not selfish.

I was watching something on TV recently that brought this point home in a very clear. I don’t remember the show, but the woman said, “Why can’t you just put yourself in my shoes for a while?” and the man said, “If I did, who would be in my shoes?”.

This is true for many people who are permanently stuck in someone else’s shoes and never wearing their own. They don’t have any idea what they really would want for themselves if they ever felt like they had a right to consider it.

So what you think, and therefore what you get, is what someone else thinks would be best for you from their point of view-not yours.

Another trap you can frequently fall into is looking at what someone else has done, what they have or who they appear to be and comparing yourself to them. It takes a conscious commitment to stop doing this and to allow yourself to follow your own path on your own time table.

As you create your own life blueprint and open a space for direct communication with/from your higher self this habit of comparing falls away to a great extent on it’s own.

Last weekend during the Blueprints for Life event in San Diego one of the attendees asked if something was “right”. It really can be very difficult to not ask that question. So you want to re-train yourself to answer your own question by remembering that the only thing that matters is if it’s right for you.

I had brought a vase full of beautiful roses to the event so we could have flowers with us in the room and on the second day as I looked at the roses I noticed that some were already bloomed fully. Some were still tightly closed and some were in various stages of unfolding. So I asked, “Which one is right?”

In the terms we normally use to judge situations or accomplishments, there would be a pre-concieved notion of what would be the expected look of a rose on day 2. And yet they were all beautiful and following their own path, their own time table for unfolding and exposing their beauty.

So after accepting that none of them were wrong, someone said, “It’s also possible that some of those who aren’t opening yet could die without ever opening.” Which is also true, as it is for many people.

An example of this from my own life is how I feel about where I live at the beach.

About 5 years ago I moved from Sonoma to 5 minutes from where I live now. I chose to move here and yet I didn’t really enjoy my time here. I compared the temperature unfavorably to other warmer beach locations I had lived. I compared the color of the water and the quality of the beach in the same way.

Consequently, as much as I tried to be fully present and embrace this place, I was only about 70% happy with it. So I left.

Last summer, after the disappointment of the real estate deal on Maui falling apart at the last minute, I had to decide on a new place to move to. It didn’t feel like Maui was the best place for me right then.

So where do I go after I decide I’m not going to the place that to me is one of the most perfect places on earth? God has a sense of humor and I was led back to the same place I had left a few years earlier. I was less than thrilled, but felt directed to be here, so I came.

Interestingly, my level of happiness with this place today is 100%. If someone told me I had to live here forever, I’d be fine with that. Quite a switch from last time or even from when I came here “to make do” until I figured out if I was still going to Maui.

You may find this hard to believe, but the weather has been amazing, in fact it’s seldom rained or been cold when I’m in town. The beach becomes more beautiful to me every day and the color of the water and the appearance of the surf is so interesting to me, I just love it. And there are days that I would swear I was on Maui if I didn’t know better, the ocean looks so similar.

So am I losing my mind? Am I kidding myself? I don’t think so. I think it’s a great example of when I change my thoughts, what I see changes and that in turn instills new beliefs that continue to change my thoughts…and so on and so on.

Two steps if you don’t like the result you are currently getting from what you think.

#1 Have an awareness of what you spend your day thinking about

#2 Create an awareness of the physical manifestation your thoughts lead to for you

This is a simple way for you to shift what you think about and what you get.

Until next week, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Just comment on this post on my blog.

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