3 Signs You are Living From Your Soul

28 year old Danny Gokey lost his wife 4 weeks before his audition for American Idol. His biggest inspiration is still his wife. They talked about him trying out for Idol before she passed away. I can only imagine the inner strength and drive it must have taken for him to keep moving forward toward his dream, their dream for him, such a short time afterward.

And yet he left Milwaukee WI and showed up to audition in Kansas City. As far as I know, he has not elaborated on the story of his wife dying. He simply went about the business of doing what he came there to do. He blew everyone away, not just with his singing, but with who he was.

Nobody had to ask him 20 questions about his life or his wife’s passing to see what kind of man he is. The first time we saw him it was apparent in the way he handled himself. He showed up humble and fully standing in the power of the passion he felt for expressing his gift.

He didn’t have to talk about it and neither do you.

When you are in alignment with your life purpose from the core of your being, from your soul, it shows. It’s a silent power, not something that has to be voiced or forced. It’s who you are and it oozes from your pores.

In my last article I talked about Tiger Woods. If you haven’t read that article, you can find it on my blog at http://YourBreakthroughToSuccess.com/blog

I believe that everything I asked you to look at and model with Tiger also applies to Danny Gokey. It’s true that success leaves clues and so does alignment with your soul.

That’s what Blueprints for Life is all about. The first thing that must be in place for you to live the life of your dreams and create success that can be sustained long term is to discover who you really are and why you are here on a soul level. Then you have a foundation to create the blueprint for your life.

I bet if you interviewed 5 people who know Danny Gokey from various parts of his life, they would all describe who Danny is the same way. They would probably say that Danny is just Danny and what you see is what you get.

That’s the way it is when someone is living from a place of authenticity.

And yes, Danny made it into the top 12 with ease. I would bet on him to be there until he end. And when he sang his way into the top 12 and his friends were in the red room to support him, one held a photo of Danny and his wife. It immediately brought me to tears and reminded me of two things.

First, that there is more happening here for Danny than just the pressure of being on Idol. Secondly, it also reminded me not to lose sight of the big picture of what is really important when an opportunity shows up or when an opportunity slips away.

It takes a brave person with a strong sense of purpose to move forward when adversity or drama or trauma enters your life. And yet, what other choice do you have if you are living on purpose?

So let me ask you, when a hurdle shows up in your life how far are you willing to push yourself to jump it and keep moving forward?

3 Signs You are Living From Your Soul:

1. You know who you really are and this has established the foundation of your life.

2. You know why you’re here and you’re dedicated to stepping fully into your personal
power and showing up 100% in the world.

3. You consciously create your life on a daily basis, doing only what is aligned with #1 &  2 above.

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