Eye of the Tiger: Part 2

Tiger Woods is about to make his return to the arena of professional golf. To say this is a highly anticipated event would be an understatement.

What does this have to do with you? Follow me for a minute, because it does.

Yesterday I was in a salon in Scottsdale getting my hair done when I overheard a conversation about changing the dates of the FBR Open, a golf tournament that didn’t even change it’s dates when they conflicted with the Super Bowl last year taking place in Phoenix.

So what would make them change the dates? Apparently they want Tiger back and Tiger plays a tournament in Dubai every year at that time. Whether the dates are changed or whether it’s just under discussion right now isn’t the point.

The point is that one athlete has risen to such a point in his performance and the following he has built, not only with his game but who he is as a person, that people who aren’t even golf fans admire him. They follow him and they will go out of their way to see him in person, which means big bucks to sponsors and tournaments alike.

This was not something that Tiger set out to create. This phenomenon grew out of who he is, from the way he was raised to the choices he made from that foundation and the man he has become. He was being who he is, doing what he does best and this was the result.

Tiger is a great example of what I teach in Blueprints for Life.

1. He knows who he really is because of the foundation he’s established for his life.

2. He knows why he’s here and he has dedicated himself to excellence in all areas of his life, not just his profession.

3. He consciously creates his life on a daily basis, doing what is most important to him, not what would look like the best choice from the outside world.

An example of that is his statement that even though he is returning to golf, his first priority is his family time with his wife expecting their second child. He loves what he does but he doesn’t allow it to take over and run his life.

So many entrepreneurs are blocked in this area of how to have a life and live your passion for your business at the highest level. It’s not hard to do if you have a blueprint for your life. Tiger is  great example of what that looks like when you do it well.

In the “Eye of the Tiger” article you can find on http://YourBreakthroughToSuccess.com/blog posted on 6-26-08, I talk about watching him play in the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines and how it applies to your life.

That led to this comment when the article posted on another site:

I wonder…how did Tiger develop such a mindset? Was he born with it or was it something he actively decided to develop it little by little?

I have been trying to work on becoming stronger myself, but there are patches where it’s hard to keep it all together. I love coming back to the exercise where you put someone who has achieved your goal into your own body. Put a major marathon runner’s consciousness into an obese man’s body and see what steps he will take to get back into shape.

What if Tiger Woods consciousness entered your body? What kind of things could you accomplish? Worth a shot.

So having read that my response is

1. Tiger developed his mindset at an early age through the teachings of both of his parents. Then he expanded on that foundation.

2. There’s more to success than having a successful person’s consciousness enter your mindset. That is a good catalyst, but there is no substitute for your own personal “why”.

3. The “why” you achieve the success that you do in the way you do it is completely personalized if it’s coming from being in alignment with your soul rather than driven by materialistic goals.

4. At the core is knowing who you truly are and why you are here.

Which brings me back to Tiger Woods as public example #1. If you’re looking for a role model and you’re not familiar with Tiger, other than sound bites, do some reading.

Then watch him play and you’ll see what it looks like when someone lives their passion from a point of focus and clarity unrivaled by anyone else on the course.

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